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Diagnostic Testing

Testing is available for all students.   We offer testing in the following areas:

  • PSAT*, SAT*, ACT*ist1_5168694_teenage_boy_studying_2.jpg
  • SSAT*, ISEE*
  • General diagnostic testing for math, reading, and/or writing
  • Math Masters and Reading Masters programs

Diagnostic tests are used to help plan the best course of instruction for the student.  The results are used in conjunction with other information provided such as the goals of the parent and student, information from an IEP or other outside testing, and the school curriculum (when appropriate).

Testing time depends on the program for which the student is testing. Math Masters and Reading Masters diagnostics can be as brief as 15-20 minutes.  General math and reading tests are untimed but usually take students about two hours.  Diagnostics for standardized tests are the length of the official tests, so they can range from 2.5-3.5 hours.

For standardized tests we actual tests in the official format as our diagnostics.

For general testing, we use tests we have created based on both traditional and current curriculum topics.

Testing is NOT required for all students.  It is generally necessary for students preparing for standardized tests, entering the Math Masters program, taking summer sessions, and enrolling in most reading programs.

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