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Math Masters

Our Math Masters program focuses on computation and critical thinking skills.  It features:
  • Daily practice
  • The best process for solving problems
  • Clear instruction with written notes for the student to take home and use as a guide
  • Guidance to help students maintain focus on their work, stay organized and be an independent learners.
  • Critical thinking activities which include problem solving, logic problems, mental puzzles, traditional puzzles, thinking games, and much more
  • Incremental learning

Math Masters is a unique year-round program for students who want to master fundamental computation skills and improve their critical thinking abilities. Computation includes work from number readiness through Algebra II.  A wide variety of critical thinking
activities are provided to help students succeed with the math programs, including gifted
programs, used in many schools today.

While rote memorization is not currently the preferred learning style in many schools, it is our belief that students should master computation skills to allow them to successfully apply them in a wide variety of applications.  We believe that with sufficient careful practice, a student will better master and retain these essential skills.  Students then extend that knowledge by applying their skills to a very wide variety of critical thinking activities.

Our instructors guide the students through new material, modeling problems for the student, and then allow the students to practice.  Once the instructor feels the student is ready, the student completes a packet of problems in session.  Similar work is sent home for daily practice to ensure mastery and retention.

Emphasis is on accuracy, as well as speed, stressing the most efficient process for solving problems. Instructors also help students learn how to focus and stay organized.  Our goal is for all students to be able to work independently.  Significant guidance is given to help students achieve the goal of being an independent learner.

Students in pre-k through about 8th grade are appropriate candidates to begin this program. However, the program is most effective for students who begin in the early elementary grades and make a long-term commitment to the program.   

Students who need help with school work, word problems, and working with time and money generally prefer to enroll in our Math Tutoring Program.


"Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics.  I can assure you mine are still greater."

- Albert Einstein

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