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Reading Masters

Our Reading Masters program features:reading01.jpg

  • Clear, phonics-based instruction
  • Oral and written work
  • Utilizes a variety of materials in session, including books and flashcards
  • Daily practice
  • Efficient techniques
  • Incremental learning

The goal for students in the Reading Masters program is to become strong, effective readers who are able to decode and comprehend a variety of written information.

Instructors work on both oral and written skills.

All Reading Masters sessions are one-to-one.

Students are taught incrementally, learning one or two new skills at each session.  Practice work is sent home to ensure mastery and retention.  Students are also provided with a book or two at each session for reading practice and pleasure.

Reading Masters teaches non-readers through a phonics-based curriculum. For students who are already reading, the program teaches advanced decoding skills, comprehension, writing mechanics, vocabulary, grammar, and spelling. Students in Pre-K through about third grade are appropriate candidates for this program. 



"There is no substitute for books in the life of a child."

- Mary Ellen Chase



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