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Study Skills

Our study skills program provides students with the skills necessary to become effective learners.

There are three major components of the program:
  • Organizational skills - Students are taught how to manage time efficiently, keep an assignment calendar, organize their study areas, present written work, and implement other strategies to keep them organized and focused. 
  • Various learning strategies - Students are taught how to make effective use of their textbooks and reference materials. Practical methods for note-taking and proof-reading are also taught. This portion of the course is designed to help the student extract the most useful information from class lectures and written materials.
  • Test taking - Students are taught how to prepare for a wide variety of tests, including classroom tests and standardized tests. They are also taught effective test-taking techniques for true-false questions, multiple choice questions, essay questions and more.
The study skills course is taught through our semi-private tutoring sessions. The number of sessions will vary according the the student's grade level and individual needs. If a student does not want all three components of the program, sessions may be scheduled to address the student's specific needs.


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