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Simply Math and Reading started as Simply Mathematics in 1991. Beth McGovern, a former math teacher in the Rockwood school district, started the tutoring center as a way to continue teaching math and yet have more time for her young family. Her former colleagues often called to see if she would be interested in tutoring students in need of extra instruction.  Word of mouth brought more students than Beth could instruct on her own, so she began to hire and train tutors.

The key to her students’ success was the ability to provide clear, effective instruction, and sufficient practice for the students to master and retain new concepts. Much time was spent in developing procedures that all tutors could follow so that there was uniformity in the tutoring. These procedures provide the framework for instruction while allowing each tutor to bring his or her unique style to the students.  The combination of a specific format and instructional techniques coupled with each tutor’s unique abilities provides an optimal tutoring experience.

So many parents requested the addition of reading to the tutoring program that Beth and her staff began researching the best programs available for teaching reading, writing, grammar and study skills. No single program seemed to have all the necessary components, so the best components from a variety of programs were incorporated into a multi-dimensional curriculum. The added curriculum necessitated a name change, so in 1998 Simply Mathematics became Simply Math & Reading.

At about the same time Beth and her core staff, Katherine Lagermann and Denise Gibson Thomas, began developing the thousands of worksheets that comprise the Math Masters program. Extensive research and considerable teaching experience allowed the Simply Mathematics team to identify the essential concepts necessary for a solid foundation in mathematics. The Math Masters program relies heavily on the concept of clear instruction by a qualified teacher coupled with sufficient drill and practice. The original emphasis in this program was on computation skills from basic addition through Algebra II.   Over time, the need for a strong critical thinking component became evident.  The Math Masters program now provides both computation and critical thinking components making this program a strong, viable tool for today’s young math students.
Over the years, Simply Math has grown and adapted to fit the needs of today’s students. Yet some things have never changed.  Our commitment to the best education of each student is unwavering.  We always treat each student as a unique individual, providing instruction appropriate to the student’s goals and ability.  Under the same ownership and guidance for more than 20 years, we have the experience and dedication to help every student succeed.



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