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Overview of our services

We have five main programs to meet a wide variety of academic needs:

Within these five programs we help students excel with school work, review a previous class, prepare for an upcoming class, prepare for standarized tests, learn coding basics, and improve study skills.  Parents enjoy the variety of programs, allowing them to find the right fit for all of their children. All of our instruction is highly individualized,adapting what we do to meet the student's needs.

In addition, we offer diagnostic testing to help determine the student's optimal starting point, paticularly for summer sessions and enrichment programs.  Students who require help with classwork generally are not required to test.

Test proctoring is another service we provide.  For students taking an on-line course, a course from an out of state university or any other situation that requires a proctored exam we will assist with all aspects of obtaining, monitoring and returning the test.

Finally, our experienced staff is here to guide you through the process of obtaining the proper services for each student.  We are happy to spend the time necessary to learn the goals of the student and explain the best course of action.  The best results are achieved when the Simply Math team and family work together.


  Simply Math and Reading
Manchester, MO

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